What You Need To Know About Zones & Winter Types of Flowers

There are so many types of flowers that grow during the winter months and give you lovely displays.  The types of plants selected will depend on the condition of your soil and the zone you live in.  If you want a winter garden it will take a great deal of time and work.  Keep in mind, not all types of flowering plants will survive in colder areas.  It’s important to read what zones certain plants fall into so you are not selecting those that just won’t work where you live.  Most plants grow best in zones that are native to them.  Tags on plants will list the zones from the best to the worst.  If the last one on the list is your zone, find a different plant.

winter types of flowers

Annuals are plants that generally bloom in the spring and summer and then die out when it gets cold.  Usually, annuals will not come back the following spring though some people have had luck with seedlings that have returned the following year. Most gardeners just replace their annuals in the spring.

Perennials, on the other hand, grow from roots and the following year will come back.  This still depends on your zone whether they will last longer into various seasons.  In warmer zones, perennials can bloom throughout colder seasons as long as there is not a hard freeze.

Your zone and soil play major roles when planting.  With soil, there are plants that require sandy soil while others need an acidic soil.  Know your zone and soil so you can have a lovely garden, year after year.

That said, plants that produce during the off seasons need a great deal of attention. This goes for other seasons as well.   During dry months flowers need more watering just like during the summer months.

It’s a good idea that you prune perennial flowers and cut them back once they have stopped blooming.  Pruning will allow them to go dormant during the colder months and come back in the spring.  Also, pruning will allow them to be even fuller the following year.

Visit your local garden center to find the best plants that work well in the colder months.  The people in your garden center should be able to provide you with the best care and growth for these new additions.

Winter flowers are usually frost resistant and will bloom in the off seasons.  Take care where you plant these flowers in your garden.  They should be protected from harsher weather and what offers good southern exposure.  You can also plant them under tree branches.  With the right locations, they will bloom throughout the colder months. There are some plants that have been cultivated to survive in icy cold weather and go dormant when winters get really harsh.  These flowers usually produce blooms from March until November.

Winter flowers are a wonderful addition to your garden to cheer up your days during the gloomy winter months.  They need a certain amount of added care but it will be well worth your time so you can enjoy the beauty they provide.